About our Sale

Happy Plant Sale customers with their plants

Learn more about our sale, why it is geared toward smaller-scale, residential garden and landscape projects, and find resources to help you find even more local native plants.

Why We Do It:

The goal of our annual Native Plant Sale is to provide easy access to beautiful and affordable bare-root native trees and shrubs that are good for people, water and wildlife. EMSWCD's mission is to help people care for land and water. This sale is one small way that we work to fulfill our mission each year.

How it Works:
In August, we order as many plants as will fit in a rented 46-foot cold storage truck. We spend the next several months on logistics, planning and online store development. In January, we open the online sale for ordering. In February, things happen fast! The cold truck arrives, the plants are delivered, and over the course of just four short days, approximately 60 volunteers join us to help us sort ~14,000 plants into an average of 750 customer orders. It is really an amazing process!

All 750 of last year’s orders, all bundled up and ready for distribution

Quantities are Limited. Here's Why:
We are excited that the popularity of our sale has grown substantially over the years. The only downside to this is that plants sell out very quickly. We wish we could expand our sale to meet this increasing demand, but as a small organization with space and storage limitations, we cannot order more plants because we are already operating at maximum capacity.

With an event team of 4 staff, our back parking lot, a cold-storage truck, and incredible volunteers, 14,000 plants is truly the maximum number of plants we can process and distribute.

Other Local Sources of Native Plants:
There are many native plant sales and nurseries where you can get many of the same plants. This handy list of
Local Sources of Native Plants features eight other annual Native Plant Sales, as well as many low-cost retail and wholesale native plant suppliers! If you need more information, please contact Whitney Bailey at (503) 935-5366 or whitney@emswcd.org.

Why Bare Roots?
Our sale focuses exclusively on native bare-root trees and shrubs for a few key reasons. For one, they are not commonly found at local retail locations. Secondly, they acclimate to new soil conditions easily and establish quickly. Finally, they are easy on your pocketbook, which means you can get more plants for less money! Learn more about the benefits of bare-root plants here.

Pick-up Day Details:

Plant pick up takes place on Saturday, February 16th from 10am - 3pm. Due to permitting and space limitations, this is the only day that plants are available for pick-up. Please mark your calendar!

  • Date: Saturday, February 16th
  • Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Location: EMSWCD Office (in the parking lot behind the building)
  • Address: 5211 N Williams Ave., Portland

Additional Plant Pick-up Day Details can be found here.